Stainless Semi-Automatic Egg Beater Household Rotating Egg Beater Self Turning Cream Utensil Whisk Manual Mixer Kitchen Tool

▪︎Material : Stainless Steel
▪︎Size : 30 cm height - 5 cm width
▪︎Suitable for mixing egg / cream foam / butter / salad dressing, etc.
▪︎Semi-automatic Manual Rotatable

Brand: Syed Traders
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It's very convinent to use without electricity or batteries and without noise like electric mixer, you just press the guard and it runs on your own without using any wrist movement. It works just as fast as an electric mixer, but you do not plug in anything Perfect for mixing sauces, marinades, eggs, cakebeslag, pancake mix, and more The garde is made of stainless steel so you do not care about rusting over time professional materials make this cooking tool a must-have for home chefs and restaurant chefs Easy clean-top rack dishwasher-safe or just keep it clean in soapy water, rinse and dry dry Can mix, garde, foam and whip in seconds with minimal effort on your part and without the use of electricity

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