4 in 1 Kaliz Facial Steamer Humidifier Inhaler and Spot Steamer-Blue & White

Includes 4 attachments
Nasal Inhaler essential for people who have blocked nose / breathing problem
Pipe for spot steaming ideal for people who have blocked throat
High quality Facial Steamer best for maintaining healthy skin
Room humifier for those low moisture / dry days
All in one solution
Product Code: STB2022-15
Brand: Kaliz
Warranty: 7 Days Return/Refund Policy
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Kaliz 4 in 1 Facial Steamer Inhaler Humidifier and Spot Steamer Kaliz 4 in 1 is an all in one solution for you steamer needs.It comes with four high quality attachments(Facial Steamer, Nasal Inhaler, Room Humidifier ,Pipe for Spot Steaming) effective for various scenarios.It also has automatic shut off functionality when water tank runs out of water.It comes with Transparent Hud. Kaliz 4 in 1 releases a gentle, controlled vapour which deep cleans pores, increases circulation and improves skin tone.New Control System gives you required soft steam for sinus relief in dry and cold weather.Pure Warm Vapour restores moisture to Dry Indoor air and helps relieve cold and flu symptoms.

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